Customize Your Shoelaces to Look Great

Lebron Shoelaces come in different materials, lengths, designs, sizes, shapes, colors with varying tips or aglets and each lace can be customized to fit the shoe it is being used for. The history of shoelaces and that of shoes as well is not clearly defined as they were generally made out of easily degradable materials. In the past, the only way to customize your shoelaces for a funkier trendier looking shoe was the method of tying with straight lacing being the simplest and criss-cross lacing being the most common and with almost two trillion methods out there being innovative was not that hard. It was mostly to do with playing around the way you tied them and not really about the way they were. Today however, shoelace customization makes use of the material, tips, design, color and even wording. A lot of companies and brands are realizing this huge untapped market and the potential to start a new trend by offering varying shoelace designs.

Companies are going back to using rope for the shoelaces and including different colors for shoelace customization for a retro look that would look good in sneakers. The use of color is more popular with bright colors being used for sneakers and flats and other designs like color splashes, contrasts, hues and hazes to replicate the look of black light being shone on the laces. This creates a fun modern look and makes our shoes look trendier although it is not suitable for dress and other formal shoes but for young high-school and college goers, this can turn out to be quite a revelation.

The tips are another great shoelace customization method. Metal tips in different colors like gold are replacing traditional aglets and are being used to complement the color of the laces.

One of the most fun shoelace customization methods is using words on the laces. This lets you personalize the shoelaces even more either by having your name, nickname or something inspirational on the laces usually towards the end. It adds a new dimension to customization and takes personalization to a different level altogether.

Accessories can also be used for shoelace customization as well as for functionality such as hooks and shoelace covers. Accessories like shoelace charms, lace-locks and a dauber or shoelace tags are decorative and can add charm to a pair of shoes.

Look forward to all the variety of shoelaces that is to follow.

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